So... Drupal 8 is a thing

Submitted by Gold on Sat, 11/21/2015 - 16:59

I can see this site finally getting some use. Drupal 8 is finally out and I've recovered enough from the release event we had here in Wellington that I've found the time to sit and have a good look at it.

I made a couple of attempts at migrating some sites using the migrate_upgrade module and things, for the most part, appear to have gone well. This site is one of them. This post is the first I've made on Drupal 8 and the editing experience looks to be acceptable. There are a few little things, but I'm suspecting that they are related to the template I'm using rather than Drupal 8 itself.

As part of the post-migration process I was wanting to delete a whole pile of nodes and had a list of NIDs to work from. Typically I'd have done this on the command line using drush by invoking node_delete(). Drupal 8 doesn't have this. With the limited time I had I couldn't see how to do this using drush ev and the new documentation doesn't do anything to make it clear to me how to achieve this.

To give a little context, I've been working with Drupal so long that I don't consider myself to be a PHP developer any more. I'm a Drupal developer. With the direction Drupal 8 has gone in I and both excited and concerned. Excited because I get to finally get back to being a php developer again due to all the standardised frameworks being used now. Concerned because I have a hell of a learning curve ahead of me.

Fun times ahead...