Programmatically creating a draft using Workbench Moderation

If you're here after this detail you already know about Workbench Moderation so I won't go into the 2 paragraph explanation about what it is and why you should use it. Hopefully you're here because you're having trouble programmatically creating drafts. This was a stumbling block for me too until I started hunting through the modules to see what was going on in the guts of things. Doing that resulted in a really nice and simple solution.

Injecting a block in a Views page on Drupal 7

Views in Drupal 7 is almost there. There's some things that are borked and some that are quite nice.

I have a View with exposed filters and some of these are taxonomy terms. The trouble is I couldn't figure out how to expose these and have them display as a select element. I found Better Exposed Filters which claims to fix this but at the moment it's D7 support is still being worked on. It's actively maintained though so worth keeping an eye on.

So, I was left with this still being an issue.

Drupal 7

So, Drupal 7 is out and has been for a while now. Despite this we're still stable and haven't seen the rushed release of 7.1 yet which is actually a pretty good sign.

I've seen a few rough edges, but nothing that is a deal breaker so far.

[IH] Drupal: The Card Game

Yesterday @bevanr DMd me a link to a post on Node One where they were talking about sending out free decks of Drupal: The Card Game. The post offered to send out more free decks if you contacted them and asked. Given almost everything I do at the moment is built in Drupal, I'm a gamer and I'm looking for lightweight, small footprint games to travel with I thought I'd ask.

[Full post on Intentionally Homeless]

s.success is not a function

This post is about JavaScript, jQuery and annoying errors that don't seem to have a solution out there. Right, keywords done. Here's the problem and the solution I used;

I was having an issue with a jQuery call that was returning the following error;

s.success is not a function

The code that was generating this was the callback function on the successful return from a getJSON() call. This is the original script;

YouTube lose the plot...

YouTube suspended the JREF account. There's no news yet from the JREF as to why this has happened but I'll keep an eye on it and post updates as I find them.

To complain to youtube follow this link;
Scroll to the very bottom and click on "new issue"
Select "suspended account" from the options and express your opinion.

#ChchTweetup take 2

We had 5 (including me) show up for last nights #chchtweetup. Lasted for about 2-3 hours. Not a bad gathering for such short notice.

So, take 2. This time with a weeks notice, same setup.

Location: The Twisted Hop, 6 Poplar Lane, Christchurch.
When: 5:30pm (weekdays) 1pm (weekend)
Date: Tue(2009-04-07)
Based on the votes below the fold...

A Tweetup Experiment

The short version: Tweetup here, 5:30pm until whenever. Look for the guy in the big boots(You'll know them when you see them).

The long version: I was just contacted out of the blue by @ghozali asking about a Christchurch Tweetup. After a little investigation and coming to the conclusion that this person wasn't insane or a spammer I thought I'd follow up on it. I was under the impression that "Tweetup" was a functional site but a quick search proved otherwise.

So, with that in mind I'm resorting to a generic blog post and the use of #hashtags.

Risky Business


Risky Business is a security related podcast from Sydney, Australia. This site grew out of the Risky Business podcast which was hosted on ITRadio. The podcast started in February 2007 and was relaunched on the new site for it's centennial episode.


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